Sustainability Management Goals

JPARK has integrated and adapted the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) to establish sustainability management guidelines. JPARK is committed to supporting 7 Sustainable Development Goals out of 17 goals to create sustainable value for all stakeholders as follows:

Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

JPARK promotes sustainable economic growth by focusing on developing technology to provide efficient service and management of parking space and also meet the needs of service users through a thorough analysis of work processes to achieve continual development.

Decent Work and Economic Growth

JPARK focuses on sustainable economic growth, equal employment, and fair employment conditions based on human rights. There is a policy to develop knowledge of employees at all levels to support sustainable business operations.

Affordable and Clean Energy

JPARK supports and drives energy utilization that does not affect the environment or cause pollution. We promote electric vehicles (EVs) through EV Charger Points installation at the JPARK service location will help reduce air pollution since there is no internal combustion engine. In addition, we also installed solar rooftops that are clean energy and produce less pollution. We have a policy to extend such support to all service areas.

Reduced Inequalities

JPARK values equality and reduces inequality in social, economic, and political aspects with a non-discriminatory approach. For example, company employment regardless of age, gender, physical disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, or economic status. JPARK has created opportunities to enhance the quality of life and promote social equality for the disadvantaged through employment.

Gender Equality

JPARK supports gender equality and put staff competence first by providing fair compensation. No sex or gender discrimination.

Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

JPARK does not support any form of violence, anti-fraud, or corruption. Operate with accountability and transparency at all levels. Promote non-discriminatory laws and policies for sustainable development.

Climate Action

JPARK manages risks related to greenhouse gas emissions by efficient energy use in all operational processes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhancing knowledge for staff and clients to understand the importance of reducing greenhouse gas-related problems.


JPARK is determined to improve the efficiency of environmental management. The guidelines for the environment are as follows:

  • JPARK will strictly comply with environmental law, regulations, and requirements.
  • JPARK will instill awareness among staff at all levels to consider responsibility for the environment and understand the importance of the environment.
  • JPARK will support procurement and services, encouraging business partners and customers to provide environmentally friendly services.

Energy Management

JPARK is aware of the essence of energy; therefore, we are committed to taking care of and monitoring the efficiency of energy usage in the office and the parking space area. We support and participate in energy conservation activities such as turning off the lights during breaks or after work and educating JPARK staff about efficient electricity usage.

Waste disposal and pollution management

JPARK focuses on reducing waste and pollution from operational processes by promoting a paperless office, such as using Microsoft Office. For waste management, JPARK implements the 3R principle (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) by separating waste properly to use cost-effective resources.


Greenhouse Gas Management

JPARK has introduced a technology system to replace parking tickets and a parking space guidance system to speed up parking to reduce vehicle exhaust emissions. We also enhance knowledge about greenhouse gas problems for staffs and clients. JPARK has not undertaken greenhouse gas emissions measurements that have been certified by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO). However, we are in the process of setting goals and plans to manage the release of greenhouse gases more efficiently.



JPARK will comply with human rights principles and employment laws. We put staff competence first by providing fair compensation and a safe channel to give feedback and complaints to staff. JPARK also takes good care of the working environment to enhance the potential of staff and attach importance to safety and occupational health to reduce the risk of illness or injury and support employees to have a good quality of life. JPARK supports gender equality, No sex or gender discrimination.


JPARK treats our business partners fairly and transparently. Continuously develop services and build good relationships with partners to provide efficient services with sustainable growth. JPARK has the policy to select new business partners by performing assessments to reduce the impact that may occur and screen partners with good performance for sustainable growth together.


JPARK takes into account the communities surrounding the office and service areas by participating in and supporting community activities to develop a good relationship with them.

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